1648380665_maxresdefault.jpgHow to replace an RV Slide Seal | RVAddict

How to replace an RV Slide Seal

Have ever wanted to know how to replace an RV Slide Seal ? I will show you how I replaced mine recently. I had to replace the badly sun damaged and deteriorated TOP seal on my RV. This process is pretty straight forward and something you can do if you are handy with fixing things. […]
1642200704_maxresdefault.jpgDometic Fridge Eyebrow board | RVAddict

Dometic Fridge Eyebrow board

The Dometic Fridge Eyebrow board only has Amber LED lights. I found it difficult to tell when a trouble light was ON or the fridge was in normal operation. I changed one of the LED bulbs to make it easier to tell the difference. Curious about any of the parts used in this video? use […]
1635767502_maxresdefault.jpgMy RV springs are flat

My RV springs are flat

My RV springs are flat, from average weekend RV use and normal camping. Do you know how to tell the difference between good and bad Leaf Springs? I did not know and I learned and will show you what we found. Other stuff on the RV changed as a result of fixing the problem and […]
1630371448_maxresdefault.jpgBroken RV sliding Door | TheRVAddict

Broken RV sliding Door | TheRVAddict

Your broken RV sliding door can be replaced with this simple and affordable fix. We got tired of dealing with our RV bedroom door falling off after traveling down country roads.This video will give you an idea for an upgrade you can easily do in your RV. The items listed in this video are affiliate […]