Adding sensors to your RV |TheRVAddict

Adding sensors to your RV can be fun as you track your RV data. The 4 new sensors I am installing are: -TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitor System ) Pressure PRO -Motion Sensor -RVWhisper -Door open/close -RVWhisper -Water leak detection -RVWhisper These sensors will be paired to my RVWhisper system so that I can get […]

MOPEKA propane tank level indicator |TheRVAddict

MOPEKA propane tank level indicator for your RV has got to be one of the best upgrades you can do if you use propane to heat, cook and run your absorption RV refrigerator. The MOPEKA system is a very accurate way of getting the propane levels in your RV tanks. I have installed the latest […]

Sedona Arizona what to do | The RV Addict

Sedona Arizona what to do is what we asked on our first visit here and we had allot of fun at the 3 places we went to during our short stop, we plan to come back for more! We made reservation 3 weeks ahead of time so we could stay at Rancho Sedona RV park. […]
Monitor your RV |TheRVAddict

Monitor your RV |TheRVAddict

Monitor your RV. I am installing the RVWhisper in my RV, to show you how easy it is to get started tracking temperature, 12 volt power and other sensors. If you have never seen this type of system, this video will be a great look into what it might do for you for you. whether […]