Travel Trailer lock system | TheRVAddict

Having a Travel Trailer lock system on our RV can provide some peace of mind that your rig will not be driven off or taken so easily. We have had the Proven Industries T2516 lock since 2019 and use it when we feel the need for a little more security when at some locations. The […]

Broken RV sliding Door | TheRVAddict

Your broken RV sliding door can be replaced with this simple and affordable fix. We got tired of dealing with our RV bedroom door falling off after traveling down country roads.This video will give you an idea for an upgrade you can easily do in your RV. The items listed in this video are affiliate […]

RV tank sensor repair | TheRVAddict

My RV tank sensor repair should help you to understand how RV holding tank level sensors work. If your RV tank monitor system is not very accurate, this video could help you to make a small change and better readings for how much fluid is really in your holding tanks. The items listed in this […]