Adding sensors to your RV |TheRVAddict

Adding sensors to your RV can be fun as you track your RV data.
The 4 new sensors I am installing are:
-TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitor System ) Pressure PRO
-Motion Sensor -RVWhisper
-Door open/close -RVWhisper
-Water leak detection -RVWhisper

These sensors will be paired to my RVWhisper system so that I can get historical information.
Knowing if i had a water leak but it dried up before i could catch it will be important,
the information could help you prevent floor rot by showing days and times of water presence.
Knowing if you have low air pressure in your RV tires is also a big safety tool.

You could benefit from the information you get from these sensors in your RV.
I purchased the products in this video with my own money and will have an affiliate link here that
you can use to save money on any purchase of the gear in this video and costs you nothing more while giving you a way to support my channel.

Use this link below to save 5% when you purchase sensors for your RV.

Thank you for the support and thanks for watching !

00:00 Begin
00:45 Pressure PRO Pulse FX Tire pressure monitor
01:36 installing the TPMS
03:03 add to RVWhisper app
03:50 final TPMS base install location
04:07 Open/Close Door Sensor install
04:53 Install the Motion sensor
06:20 Install the Water Leak sensor
07:30 Like and Subscribe ! Thank you for watching 🙂


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