Ethics Statement

Products Reviews
TheRVaddcit is not a sponsored channel. We may get paid to endorse or use a particular product in our videos. Any product used in our repair, upgrade or travel videos or demonstration videos are products we have purchased or were supplied to us.  At times, we film an episode at a remote location and use one or more products  and/or services, these remote locations and companies do not influence our review or remarks and have no influence over what we present in a video. All opinions about a product or service  are our own.

Affiliate Marketing
We utilize affiliate marketing on this website and the TheRVaddict YouTube channel. If you purchase through certain links that we provide, we may earn a referral commission. We provide affiliate links for products that have received both positive and negative comments because we realize everyone is different and should be able to compare prices and purchase whatever product they desire. The bottom line is that the small commissions that we may receive through the use of affiliate links do not affect how we review products.