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How I discovered the Safe-T-Alert CO/LP detector False alarms in my RV.

*** In the beginning I refer to the detector as “tripping” on CO, but really the LP gas part of the alarm is what keeps triggering.

Our Travel Trailer (RV) has a “Safe-T-Alert” CO/LP detector like many RV’s made today.
The alarm would trigger randomly from 2am to 8am while camping, and not on every trip.
If you have ever experienced an LP/CO detector Alarm sounding while you are sleeping, it is very stressful and quite disruptive to the sleep of anyone in the RV.

We would open doors and windows in the RV to get fresh air circulating so that the detector will reset, some times that would help.
The reoccurring problem convinced me to call the manufacturer and ask them questions. I also looked through a few RV forums with comments related to false alarms happening on these detectors.

While doing this research, nobody could tell me exactly what could be happening.
Many have stated that “the unit must be bad, replace the detector” some had said.
I also found many RV owners had replaced the CO/LP detectors only to find the same problem occurs.

I decided to remove our RV CO/LP detector from our RV and grab a few “Safe-T-Alert” suspected products and make a video to test my CO/LP detector to better understand why our RV CO/LP detector gives false alarms.

** I am not a Safe-T-Alert expert, however i AM an RV enthusiast looking to solve a problem.

** Always follow manufacturer safety guidelines when working on your RV.
** Never operate your RV without the factory installed CO/LP gas detector installed in your RV.
** This video was made to provide evidence of detector operation and entertainment..

Verify my test in the video by getting these supplies ??

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