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Monitor your RV. I am installing the RVWhisper in my RV, to show you how easy it is to get started tracking temperature, 12 volt power
and other sensors.
If you have never seen this type of system, this video will be a great look into what it might do for you for you.

whether you are Full time RV’er or Weekend Warrior, here is what you can expect to do.
* Know how much battery power you have.

* Know how much propane is left in your RV tanks !

* get alerted when the shore power gets turned off when you have pets in the RV.
* Know when your Refrigerator is warming up.
* Track your holding tank levels.
* Get notified when you are a way and your RV door gets opened or motion is detected in the RV.
* Keep track of your RV tire pressure
* Get notified of water leaks

A system that tracks and records readings from Sensors in your RV, this is a game changer for those that want to know more.
Having owned this product for 2 years now i absolutely love it, I made this video to show fellow RV’ers how easy it is install and get started using the system.
I use this tool to troubleshoot power issues, refrigerator problems and more. I am installing additional sensors and will make Videos as i go.

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I may make a commission from the sale of RV Whisper products to help my channel and you save money when you use the link above.

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