MORryde Solid Step GEN2 upgrade | RVAddict

We needed to upgrade to the Gen2 version of the MORryde Step.
in this video I show you how and why we did this upgrade.

** Special note about this upgrade. Our screen door NEEDED to be altered to allow the door to
close when the step is deployed.
This alteration was a big pain for me as I was not able to find a replacement door to fit the first time.
During this upgrade, no further modification was needed for the screen door.

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Thank you for watching 👍

00:00 Begin
00:07 The problem
00:29 Removing the old step
00:36 Initial fit
00:51 Lining up new step
01:09 2 alignment screws
01:39 Final Screws
02:05 Adjusting the step lock
02:37 Adjusting the feet the new way
02:47 Removable pins
03:03 Using the step
03:22 How solid the steps are


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