RV how to dump

Our “RV how to dump” video will show YOU how easy it is to dump your RV waste water tanks.
This RV Dumping 101 Video shows you a few simple steps to help you dump your tanks like a PRO.
Here are a list of items that will keep tank dump procedure to go great !

🔹Camco Tank drop ins https://geni.us/aiwx
🔹RV Sewer hose https://geni.us/q7ptUwD
🔹Clear RV Sewer hose adapter https://geni.us/0B09U3J
🔹RV sewer hose adapter https://geni.us/ZXhk
🔹Black Tank sprayer https://geni.us/vfBVB
🔹RV Magic Bumper caps https://geni.us/0nmGq6
🔹OEM Rubber Bumper end-caps https://geni.us/ViU3Kw
🔹Nitrile gloves https://geni.us/uBU0N
🔹Tank fill (Black) water hose https://geni.us/gtFCQm


The items listed in this video are affiliate links which help support our channel by allowing us to earn a small commission that costs you nothing more when you purchase using my affiliate link. Thank you for your support.

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