RV signal booster for cell phone

RV signal booster for cell phones can get you internet while remote camping.
I show you our 4k HiBoost Cell Booster in this Video. This is how we use the Booster with a modified Antenna setup to reach cell towers very far away.

When we see no service on our phones, I quickly setup the antenna and turn on the booster
to get connected and most times we get enough Internet service to stream YouTube and other services.

The items listed below are what my install consists of, these are affiliate links which help support my channel by allowing me to earn a small commission that costs you nothing more when you purchase using one of my affiliate links.
Thank you for your support.

These are the items I used for this Cell Booster install.

👍 Hi Boost Cell Booster – https://geni.us/VAHhLT

👍 1.5″ Flag Pole Buddy- https://geni.us/eksAdn6
👍 2.0″ Flag Pole Buddy- https://geni.us/AeWuRA
👍 LMR 400 – https://geni.us/nzJS6m
👍 Window Washer pole – https://geni.us/Bsub71q
👍 Large Twist tie – https://geni.us/ZJMb
👍 NetGear Router – https://geni.us/WqH8Qc7
👍 12v regulator – https://geni.us/aMYsw
👍 Rocker switches – https://geni.us/pmF9yy
👍 6 port fuse block – https://geni.us/jB7i
👍 50 Ohm Candy bar antenna – https://geni.us/B11Ix

*** Net Cell Info App.(Android) https://geni.us/qGJP6Mu


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