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RV slide out wall repair on our 2016 Forest River EVO travel trailer began when i returned from the Grand Canyon 2021.
I discovered the frame of the RV slide out was pulling away from the wall of the RV.
This problem was making the Slide move in a jerky motion and and exposing the RV to weather problems.
If unfixed this problem would be expensive to fix later on.

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After looking into the issue i decided to repair the damage myself using 3 stainless steel bolts, an aluminum back plate and Stainless Nylock nuts to strengthen the way.
The cost for this fix was just under $20 !

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Items used for this fix:
3- 2.5″ 10/24 Stainless steel Screws
3- 10/24 Nylock Nuts
1 – 1/16″ x 1.5 inch Aluminum flat stock for backing plate.
1- 3/16″ x 6″ drill bit
1- Piece Gorilla Tape https://geni.us/usH7
1- Tube of silicone sealant.

Items used:
WiFi Endoscope https://geni.us/n7XFi
Razor knife box cutter
Wife, to hold a wrench for me.
Hack Saw
Car to run to the store and get parts
The self checkout stand at Lowes.

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