RV tank sensor repair | TheRVAddict

My RV tank sensor repair should help you to understand how RV holding tank level sensors work.
If your RV tank monitor system is not very accurate, this video could help you to make a small change and better readings for how much fluid is really in your holding tanks.

The items listed in this video are affiliate links which help support my channel by allowing me to earn a small commission that costs you nothing more when you purchase products using my affiliate link. Thank you for your support.

Part and Tools used:
🔹 Tank Whisper https://rvwhisper.com/tank-whisper/
🔹K101 Tank sensor Harness https://geni.us/ZIw9
🔹MP5 Tank Sensor https://geni.us/RgODqN
🔹Wifi EndoScope https://geni.us/n7XFi
🔹 Drill90 Plus https://geni.us/6XGZC
🔹Box Cutter https://geni.us/WPv9FiX
🔹Gorilla Tape https://geni.us/DlaEL

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