Sevier River RV Park Camping Trip | TheRVAddict

Sevier River RV Park Camping Trip we did in September of 2020,
The RV park in located at:
564 South Danny Dr., Sevier County Utah 84766
Web site:

How to get there:

At the time of our visit to this park it was still pretty new and you
could expect some mud and or dust. For us we enjoyed the Vibe, not only did we
get the full hookup features but it felt like we were really close to the rough country like we normally camp.

Danny was a really gracious host and from what I could tell was meeting all the guest personally.
Jeremy who at the time of this video was the office manager and guest services person. She knew all about the park and really helped us get some of the stuff we needed for our stay.

For our ATV ride we connected with “Sevier River ATV Rental” (435-979-4007)
to get setup for the ride we took.

Fishing was great at the River even though the water level were really low in September.

The RV park is not far from the main highway and easy to get to.
I would certainly call ahead to make sure there is vacancy when you go here.

We highly recommend this location for a short term or long term place to camp in your RV or even Rent a cabin when they are built.

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