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Titan RV refrigerator Fan installation
I installed the Titan TTC-SC20 (120mm) External vent fan in our Travel Trailer recently.
My hope is that it will help reduce the high temperatures in the rear section of the Fridge compartment.
During the Summer it gets hot in the refrigerator compartment, creating enough heat to start transferring heat into the living space where the food cabinets are.

I expect to make a video for the summer of 2021 showing how much improvement to Fridge cooler
this upgrade provides and how well it operates.

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Parts used for this Fan installation
Titan Fan Link https://geni.us/yUboc48
Dicor Butyl tape https://geni.us/cYLjlu
Dicor 501LSW Link https://geni.us/nbdVDU
Calking Gun https://geni.us/V74q
Wire holders https://geni.us/LnmBd
Gorilla tape https://geni.us/DlaEL

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