3 RV fuses you should know | RVAddict

Do you know where the important fuses are in your RV ? Do you have any spare fuses on hand ? I think it is important to know where a few important or key fuses are located in your RV and having spares is a good plan. I hope showing you where a few of […]

Upgrade your RV Mattress IT IS important | RVAddict

Today I compare the crummy factory RV mattress to an upgraded Memory foam mattress, and describe why you really need to upgrade. You WILL sleep better with less spring bounce or spring pressure points. You will have more warmth in winter from the the insulation properties of a thicker mattress. Curious about the mattress shown […]

MORryde Solid Step GEN2 upgrade | RVAddict

We needed to upgrade to the Gen2 version of the MORryde Step. in this video I show you how and why we did this upgrade. ** Special note about this upgrade. Our screen door NEEDED to be altered to allow the door to close when the step is deployed. This alteration was a big pain […]

Why use the MaxXAirVent cover ?

Using a MaxXAir vent cover can prolong the life of your factory vent cover and allow you to keep your vent open as you drive down the road. With your RV being in the hot sun all day, you may want to cool down your rig by creating air flow in your camper. Or you […]

Millionaires of Perkinsville Arizona – Verde Canyon RR | RVAddict

Ride the Verde River Rail Road to Perkinsville Arizona and Learn how a couple of families changes the shape of Arizona. While camping in Arizona we road this Rail line to what is left of Perkinsville Arizona. Came listen as our guide Mark described how families became millionaires OVERNIGHT in the early years of Arizona […]

Montezuma’s Castle and Verde River Camping, | RVAddict

We are camped at Verde River RV resort. Taking a trip to Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. This site is close to many RV parks in the area. This Video will show you some of the accessible ruins, of the early Indian tribes from long ago. At the time of this Video it was FREE to […]

How to replace an RV Slide Seal

Have ever wanted to know how to replace an RV Slide Seal ? I will show you how I replaced mine recently. I had to replace the badly sun damaged and deteriorated TOP seal on my RV. This process is pretty straight forward and something you can do if you are handy with fixing things. […]

How to remove RV snow

Want to know how to remove RV snow ? This is a great method. I show you how this simple device can make snow removal easy and non damaging to your solar panels and the surface you are cleaning. The items listed in this video are affiliate links which help support my channel by allowing […]

RV Water heater Cleaning

The water heater in your RV can accumulate Scale build-up which can cause your heater to burn more fuel to heat the water in the tank. What you will need to clean your water heater tank: 3/4″ x 4 foot section of PVC pipe Threaded to non threaded pipe fitting to thread into the tank. […]

RV USB Charging

Not every RV comes with adequate USB charging ports. Having more charging ports is good. Today I show you my solution to add 6 USB charging ports and a way to hold up to 4 larger phones on the wall of the your RV so that you can see them. Curious about any of the […]