Why use the MaxXAirVent cover ?

Using a MaxXAir vent cover can prolong the life of your factory vent cover and
allow you to keep your vent open as you drive down the road.

With your RV being in the hot sun all day, you may want to cool down your rig by
creating air flow in your camper. Or you just might need or want air circulation when it is raining while keeping the rain outside.

I would say these covers work really well. How long they will actually last remains to be seen.
Our first cover only lasted one season which is not good, something external could have broken the first cover and if that did happen then it protected our factory cover like i would expect.
The functionality the cover brings to me is worth trying the cover a 2nd time.

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MAXXAIR Vent Cover https://geni.us/5rkS

00:00 Begin
00:20 Needing to replace mine.
01:09 The protection the cover gives
01:43 Inspecting the mounting hardware
02:36 What as remaining from the damage of the last cover.
03:12 How the cover works.

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